Danielle was awesome! She wanted to include her sister in her pictures. What a way to make a memory! These two were uber fab because they climbed rocks, walked all over and put up with my shouting across the way for direction on where to stand, where to look and what to do next. One thing I noticed was the undeniable connection between these two sisters. The way they chatted from one spot to another. You could see they were close. They wore smiles the entire time. I was completely nervous because they were my first shoot for the day but their joy put me at ease and well.............. yes world, they made me want to go out and rent-a-sister for the weekend. But I was ok, I had tons of sisters in Christ for the weekend. Ladies, I really enjoyed my time with you. I hope the pictures are something that will be looked at years from now and make you smile.
Renee Elliott
10/11/2010 6:28pm

Wow !! truly amazing !! I love them all !!!!!


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