The Photographer

I am.... ME. Genius right? lol. Ok, Ok. I am FIRST.... Amanda West, a child of God. Jesus Christ is my Savior and I am thankful for all the blessings in my life. While everyday is no carnival, I have everlasting joy, in place of, momentary happiness. This took me forever but I assure you, it was worth it!!
I am SECOND.... a wife, married to the most honest man in the world. Some days that bothers me, lol. But seriously, I am better because of him. He pushes me to be the best representation of Christ's love that I can possibly be..... And he tells me when I haven't read my bible, lol. While it picks at my strong will to do what I want and be my own boss, it keeps me in check and I need that. Oh world, I need that!
I am THIRD.... a mother to three beautiful children. They keep me on my toes; and on those days where I feel like I might be failing to be the "perfect" parent, their little smiles let me know that their love is unconditional and un-perfection is allowed. In fact, they like me better that way. I think I like me better that way too.
And LASTLY, I am just a simple person who loves to love, finds joy in the little things and can be seen carrying a camera EVERYWHERE! Yes, people, I even take it to church. Seeing as how my husband is the pastor there, I sometimes wonder if people think I am waiting to catch them on camera being all "unchurched", hahahaha. I promise you I am not, but, if it happens, I promise not to tell. hahaha.
As for where I am in life......... I am very transparent and will tell you the truth, probably about every little detail of every little thing, but for now, just photography. I am learning. I absolutely love it and strive to always be learning. I haven't found "my" style but maybe I don't have one. I go through styles like I go through socks. I like just about everything. Maybe it's because I feel like everything is a gift. AND MAYBE, I just haven't discovered "my" style. And I am totally ok with any of those answers. I just know what's in my heart when I have a camera in my hand.........  to captivate the essence of who God created you to be, that others would see in images what they see in your life lived out, framed and displayed for His splendor. That as you glance over images of yourself and family, you would see what we all see, A BEAUTIFUL YOU!