Darlene was scheduled for 4:30 BUT............ so was someone else. That someone else got there first and we started shooting. My ADHD kicked in high gear and before I knew it, I was heading to my 5:00 and heard a distant voice letting me know they were my 4:30. Ummmmm, yeah. I felt HORRIBLE! For Darlene, for the 5:00 and for me. My mind went racing and all I could think was this has started off really bad. BUUUTTT. Darlene was sweet. She immediately let it go and decided to have fun! And she did. She brought her cousin and another friend. Nothing better than having your close friends cheer you on and give you that secret permission to feel beautiful, well, because you are but you won't allow yourself to ever feel it. Right women?? These pictures were for her husband, touched that soft spot in my heart because we all know how much I love my Tim! Darlene, thank you for being so understanding, thank you for having fun and thank you for a wonderful time with your friends. I enjoyed my time with you three and I hope the pictures are up to the hubby's standards......... I'm sure they will be, you are a beautiful woman!
Rene'e Elliott
10/12/2010 9:18pm

Darlene you are a stunning woman !


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