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She had won and didn't even know it. That's until she arrived and someone told her. Looking back, I am so glad she won. She was an absolute blessing. She has a calming presence and I needed it that day! She is very unaware of what her session did for me; what she did for me. She listened! I am sure I poured out way too many personal details about myself but she listened. Her voice was kind, her eyes were accepting and she reminded me of an unconditional love that only Christ offers. This young woman is going to exceed her own wildest dreams. By wild I don't mean tappin' out the bars. I mean God is going to use her HUGE!!!! Julia, I hope that these images are what you were hoping for. I enjoyed my time with you and Tonya and Laura. You girls were so refreshing, fun and oh yeah, workin' it like nobodies business!! ALL THREE OF YOU!
Renee Elliott
10/11/2010 3:36pm

These are absolutely breathe taking !! Such beautiful women of God !


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