This young lady blew me away. First, I met her at dark and tried my best to capture her pictures in the dark...... HA, no such luck. I had to re-do her session the next morning after breakfast. But I am so glad it happened that way. The night before we were rushing to beat the light. The next morning we were both more relaxed and had time to chat. Here was this young girl asking me about my life and what I thought......... HELLO world! She was more interested in seeing who I was as a person than telling me about herself. I was blown away, impressed and fell absolutely in love with who she is and at such a young age. Briana, thank-you for being forgiving of a photographer who is still learning. I hope it was as worth it to you as it was to me. I am better for meeting you and being refreshed in that there are still young people who have a heart for God! I hope these images are what you were looking for!
10/14/2010 8:02am

Briana, these are breathe taking. You are a very beautiful young woman of God !! Enjoy !!


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